Webinar in 5G Communications: An Introduction to the Public

Webinar in 5G Communications: An Introduction to the Public

5G Communication Systems: The game-changer that will keep everyone and everything in constant communication

Communication Companies & Providers around the World have already started their activities (technology upgrades and commercial launches) to run their 5G (the fifth generation of mobile communications) networks, through trials or even actually provide 5G services to their customers, and the introduction of new applications. Indeed 5G is something more than …one more G (compared to 4G services), is a technology that will transform our daily life & activities and offers possibilities that are hard to imagine a citizen. It is a technology studies less our mobile phone and is more about everything related to it. 5G is a game-changer, the enabler for the digitalization of any society, that deserves our attention since will have a tremendous impact on the way we experience our daily life activities

5G Explained

  1. Operational frequencies: 700MHz, 2GHz, 3.4 – 3.8 GHz, and 26 GHz (the 4G operates in the region 2GHz – 6GHz)

The advantages of 5G communication systems compared to 4G are listed below:

  1. Much faster; 100 times faster data speeds (up to 20 Gb/s) than 4G Communications. An HD movie will be downloaded in less than 10s compared to 10 minutes is required now!
  2. Lower Latency; much less delay or lag when we are using our smartphones. With 4G the latency is of the order of 40-50 ms whereas the 5G communications will make this delay much shorter, less than one ms!
  3. Higher Device Connection Density; with 5G up to 1 Million devices per square km would be connected to the network compared to 1000 devices per square km the 4G technology permits
  4. Greater Capacity; more high – demand devices (see IoT) will be enabled to be connected and perform
  5. Flexibility; providing the option of network slicing: enable the providers to support multiple sessions and service flows for an end-user
  6. Improved battery life; up to 10 times compared to the 4G compatible mobile devices

Industries that 5G expects to have an impact

  1. Energy/Utilities (e.g. Smart Grid)
  2. Health (e.g. Remote Surgery)
  3. Comms& Media 
  4. Financial Services (e.g. fast transfers)
  5. Hi-Tech (e.g. 5G Private Networks, Interface with AI for the customer support, remote employee interconnection)
  6. Shipping (e.g. Remote working, Transfer of data from/to ship, Ship control & maintenance)
  7. Travel & Tourism (e.g. Monitor health status of travelers, e-visits, Real-time traffic monitoring, offering travel information in real-time)
  8. Education (e.g. Support Online teaching& learning, Monitoring School Buses)
  9. Agriculture (e.g. Drones Inspection, Wireless communication with monitoring sensors)
  10. Retail (e.g. use virtual reality for products & services, automation of warehouse product selection process)

5G Main Challenges

  1. Spectrum Availability and Cost will have an impact on the massive application of 5G
  2. New Operational & Investment Framework in the period from 2020 – 2035 the global investment in 5G will approach the $ 300 billion per year
  3. Infrastructure Innovation and technology breakthroughs
  4. Operational Complexity
  5. Security issue; 5G is considered critical national infrastructure, the fabric where all other Industries, economic and social activities will be based upon, ensuring the security of 5G networks is of paramount importance
  6. Health Risks (??) 

Today 13 European Countries enjoy 5G services (Austria, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Spain, Swisscheland, Latvia, Denmark, and the UK)

The Strategic Partnership Project CRETE (critical skills for electronic engineers for 2020), the Hellenic International Relations Office of the Hellenic Mediterranean University from Greece, the ATHENA European University consortium, and EVM, an SME from Spain, involved very actively in the Erasmus & Horizon 2020 projects took the initiative to organize a Webinar focused to provide an introduction to the public and to students of this amazing technology. It is important to open public dialogue, enhance the awareness of the public on 5G since any reform to become welcome should have the support of its stakeholders 

All the speakers participating in the Webinar have expertise in 5G Communications & Applications and they will try to make a fast introduction to this amazing technology that the 4th Industrial Revolution has introduced …among others

The Webinar’s presenters come from Academia and Industry and this makes us happy that the topic will be balanced presented regarding its principles but also its real-life applications

I hope that you will join us.


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