The ATHENA European University consortium aims to deliver high quality international higher education permanently aligned with market needs granting the highest employability standards to its graduates and thus maximize the project’s social impact. The training according to the market and social needs secures the safe and correct transition from education to work and the establishment of the links between education & research with society and market stakeholders in the field of engineering

ATHENA is a federation of seven Universities, tied together by common goals, guided by a long term joint strategy and fully committed by the utility that the alliance will ensure to each one and all of its members. ATHENA will be a renowned brand in higher education, a unified, yet distributed and diverse, campus where students, teachers researchers and staff want to be and are proud to work, collaborate and study. Students will be able to guide their academic path towards the professional career they aim at, by selecting specific subjects to develop specific competencies. Students, teachers, researchers and staff will be able to move around the ATHENA International campus in person or virtually to attend a specific class. Whenever possible, academic activities will be linked to current worldwide issues, involving multidisciplinary approaches and being developed in cooperation with the local community. Researchers will collaborate irrespectively of their home Institution. Research Excellence Centers will be formed without forgetting to support young researchers/group leaders that just start up their career. Joint Research Projects in the shared facilities will be submitted with high chances of success and implementation.

The Network that unites more than 120000 Students and 6000 Teaching Staff and connects them with the most modern research and market challenges. The project aims are also supported from the participation of 15 Associated Partners mainly market stakeholders and Associations

By 2026 ATHENA will be an appealing and renowned higher education ecosystem shaping the European Higher Education and make it a reference point in the global Higher Education. ATHENA will push education and research to new frontiers

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