ATHENA Network Research Plan

Investments in knowledge, research capacities and innovations are thus crucial for attracting and attaining young people in their regions and to improve the wellbeing of all inhabitants. Furthermore, European research and development capacities should also aim at attracting talented young people from other regions of the world, so that they start or complete their research career in Europe.

The ATHENA partners in the project will be involved in the following activities:

  • set a cooperation/integration model for R&D
  • looking for the research excellency – Show Off the Research Excellence Centers in Engineering within the network e.g. in Blockchain Technlogies, in Energy Harrvesting & Storage Technologies, in Laser Technology & Applications, in Robotics & AI and in Teaching Science
  • promote joint R&D projects and funding
  • create content directed to students to raise awareness and guide them on the R&D features of ATHENA
  • create content directed to researchers/staff/companies raising awareness and guiding them on the ATHENA model
  • envision high quality joint publications in a high impact factor journals
  • observatory of society needs, reveal/disclose societal challenges,
    exploring other opportunities for collaboration based on the search for best practices
  • stregthen the links between education and research

By doing this, the ATHENA HEIs expect to obtain funding and support for joint projects in the field of R&D with a greater chance of success, due to (a) the formation of more talented and with more expertise research teams, (b) a better adherence to expectations of the funding authorities and (c) a more rational use of the existing resources of all partners